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December update

By scottyxxx
So as summer roles on in so do all the international bands. I love this time of year for shows, there's always something fuckin sweet happening in summer.

Sun 7th - Gorilla Biscuits @ 299 Brisbane w/ Values Here, Reach Out
That will be fuckin fun, I know a lot of kids are siked for this!

Boys of Summer Tour - these are the Qld dates
Comeback Kid, Verse, Carpathian, Against
14 Jan 2009 Empire, TOOWOOMBA, Queensland
15 Jan 2009 RED ROOM, BRISBANE, Queensland

Relentless Qld Weekend w/ xThe Warx, Sun Tzu, Reachout, xStrength Through Purityx (I think)
Fri Dec 12th @ Artsync Nambour, Sunshine Coast
Sat Dec 13th @ Expression Grounds, Gold Coast

That'll do, I know there's more, i'll be back in a few days to update it.
peace - scottyxxx

Some shows

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Ok, so just as per usual I don't know of many shows that are coming up because im not on myspace enough to figure out who's doing what/who.

Just a fore-warning, no core expressions (or any related off shoot 'companies' to do with elliot) will have their shows posted on here. He deserves no ones trust or respect. fuck him.

Obviously I'll know what SCUM are doing and will know most of the other Sunny Coast shows... but anything Brissy or Goldy will need to be submitted to me so I can add it. Or just comment with your shows.

Pride of Place are hosting Against in the Gold City (Gympie) this weekend ... grand final day actually.
Details are:
Sat 27th Sept @ Gympie Senior Citizens club
Against, Pride of Place, Crosscheck, Mark my Words.
$10 and its all ages.
See the flyer here
and here

SCUM's next show is Oct 4th @ Noosa
It's a charity show so bring some non-perishable food and your dancin shoes.
Pride of Place, Stand or Fall, Reachout, Outrage, Leah Abrahamson, Demo Paige

On the same day, Against plays @ Rapid Fest at Lawnton Showgrounds, Brisbane.
The only other band that I know is playing on the bill is The Veil (who by the way are releaseing an EP soon)

Carpathian hit the Sunny Coast again Oct 2nd with Shipwreck AD, Ceremony & local support Silence is Deafening. Good on ya fellas.
The J, Noosa. All Ages

Other north coast dates for that tour are:
Oct 1st @ the Princess Theatre All Ages (not sure who's supporting) and
Oct 3rd @ Expressive Grounds
I heard that place really blows... not sure why anyone would put on shows there. Anywho

New NCHC website

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Hey kids
So after a LONG time of no communication it's been decided to get this site going again.
It'll will be totally stripped down to just a blog, with the sole purpose of adding show details and news of bands from within the scene.

So here we go.
Provoke have a new debut album just off the press. This is real, is a great recording with 10 tracks of New York influenced, no bullshit hardcore. The crew vocals are pretty tough, I should know coz Chips and I went in and recorded with them (kidding).
Nathan is also possibly about to move up north so Chips may well be jumping in there and playing bass for em.
Good shit, check it out

Pride of Place are set to hit the studio again mid October, these guys are one of the most under rated bands getting around I reckon, so when this is released make sure you get your dirty little mitts on it. Till then, keep tuned and i'll let you know what's happening with that.

Signal the Firing Squad have a new EP out. $10 from Moshies and (I think) Kill the music or at shows. Good dudes, amazing sound... do yourself a favour and check it out.

And to those of you who assumed NCHC was dead because the website wasn't up-to-date... pull your head out you idiots. It's just a website.