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New NCHC website

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Hey kids
So after a LONG time of no communication it's been decided to get this site going again.
It'll will be totally stripped down to just a blog, with the sole purpose of adding show details and news of bands from within the scene.

So here we go.
Provoke have a new debut album just off the press. This is real, is a great recording with 10 tracks of New York influenced, no bullshit hardcore. The crew vocals are pretty tough, I should know coz Chips and I went in and recorded with them (kidding).
Nathan is also possibly about to move up north so Chips may well be jumping in there and playing bass for em.
Good shit, check it out

Pride of Place are set to hit the studio again mid October, these guys are one of the most under rated bands getting around I reckon, so when this is released make sure you get your dirty little mitts on it. Till then, keep tuned and i'll let you know what's happening with that.

Signal the Firing Squad have a new EP out. $10 from Moshies and (I think) Kill the music or at shows. Good dudes, amazing sound... do yourself a favour and check it out.

And to those of you who assumed NCHC was dead because the website wasn't up-to-date... pull your head out you idiots. It's just a website.

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  1. prideofplace February 17, 2009 at 4:36 PM
    Hey scotty, update this shizz bra!!! I know you been away but this iz months old xoxoxox

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