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Albums galore... where do I start?

There's a lot of albums coming out (both local and worldwide) so I thought i'd give you a run down.

///// Just released /////
Persist possibly the most under-rated Aussie hardcore band getting around right now.
They've released their album The Untold Story and are also touring.

Facedown's christian metalcore gods War Of Ages have just released Eternal. However it's only on pre-order at the moment (Not sure how that works). Anyway I haven't heard it yet, but i'll soon be getting my hands on it.

Sick Of It All new album Based On A True Story is OUT NOW! GO GET THAT SHIT Out April 19th(EU) April 20th(USA)

Stand Or Fall released a 6 track around Easter. You'll have to get onto Chips or see them are a show (which is a rarity these days). Sam Orpin has recently joined them on vocals and this is a solid recording showing a maturity in writing from their last efforts.

50 Lions have released yet another album or 7" or something and are touring yet again... Anyone else tired of hearing about them too? i'll shut up if you are...

///// About to be released /////

Local heavy weights Against have recorded and are ready to release their 4th album. I know a lot of people are waiting in anticipation. We'll try get a show on their release tour when we can get a hold of Greg.
They have 2 unmastered tracks up on their Myspace, check them out now!

Sydney kings of hardcore Toe To Toe have announced their new album and are set to release it on May 28 on Resist Records. They're also touring extensively (for them). This is huge, it's been a long time since we've heard anything new from them!

Comeback Kid, have announced October 14 for their new album Through The Noise. All hail CBK

Bane have new material but i'm not sure if it has been released yet?? Anyone know? Lee will....

Newcastle's Dropsaw are set to release their new album Hard Justice on Trial & Error on May 14.

///// Recording /////
Two big guns of the hardcore world are currently in the recording process and are making their progress very public.

Parkway Drive are in the final stages of recording, follow their progress here (actually I think they've just finished, but you can still read about it)

Terror are also blogging their recording and you can even call their hotline and have a chat to them!

Everyone's favourite Perth boy Miles Away are currently recording their third full length for a late 2010 release. Here's what they have to say about that;
"Currently in NYC recording our new album "Endless Roads" with producer Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, American Nightmare, No Warning, Modern Life is War) at The Wild Arctic Recording Studio. The album will be released July/August through Resist Records and Anchors Aweigh Records (EU). Before "Endless Roads" comes out we will be self-releasing a 7" which will include two songs from the album and a couple unreleased jams. This will be available to pre-order this May! We've added new tour dates in June throughout Australia to coincide with the 7" release and European Dates during July/August when the album will drop. Stay tuned for studio updates and more touring/pre-order news!"

///// Writing /////

Melbourne's Samsara announced a while ago they found a new vocalist and were starting to write their second album. Mid 2010 looks likely. Keep an eye out.

///// Announced /////
Carpathian has announced "Wanderlust" 7". Check out the title track at

10 Paces, have they released what they were writing/recording ages ago?

///// Rumours /////

Madball have been hinting at touring here again in support of a follow up to Infultrate the System. No surprises there, but no official word yet.

Someone told me Mindsnare have been dropping hints for a new album. They're due, but with Gordy gone I think that would have halted any album progress... anyone heard anything?

Rise Against, just a rumour... or is it?

Deez Nuts - Easily the wankiest, untalented most over rated band in Australia are recording or have released something...

///// Shows /////
In other news and shit, there's a bunch of shows and tours heading our way. I'll get a list together soon...
Not one of them is HC2010 The line up has just been announced including Toe To Toe and Mindsnare and tickets are now available.

Casey Jones will also be touring for their first time to Australia, better late then never I guess. A little birdy also told me that their recent spout of activity could mean a new album... only time will tell I guess.

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